Quartz Series: Rose Quartz!


Rose quartz has been the most influential stone in my practice and personal growth. This is the stone I use the most. Energetically, rose quartz is an extremely accessible mineral, so it’s one that every beginner must have. Its energy is gentle and soft, but don’t be fooled. There is great power hidden in the make-up of rose quartz.

Rose quartz will make you calm and steady. It is the stone of love and compassion, and resonates best with the high heart chakra, though I would recommend using it at all the chakras and parts of the physical body. I’ve even used it for stomach aches.

By working with this mineral, you work directly with love, which permeates everything in this world. Because of this, you can also use it for forgiveness, trust, and recovery from trauma. Use it to aid battling anxiety and depression. Use it to support whatever personal journey you have found yourself on.

Rose quartz is great to use during transitions. It brings loving protection to your process as you integrate new energies into your life, or new life into your energy. For this reason, it is a great stone for expecting mothers and newborns.

This stone helps to combat fear, and trust life. It enables you to allow healing to occur at the physical, mental and emotional level. You can work with it before and after a healing session to continue holding healing energy in your body.

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9 Responses to Quartz Series: Rose Quartz!

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous piece! That’s not one of yours, is it? Stunner. 🙂

  2. Kara, you have such a clear and heart-felt way of teaching about the qualities of rose quartz. Very user-friendly for the beginners among us. Thank you for that! I look forward to learning more about the healking properties of crystals from you.

  3. seabluelee says:

    That is a beautiful example. It actually looks a lot like a rose.

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