Psychic Cleaning For Your Home


Springtime is here! Even though it really doesn’t feel like it in good ol’ New England, I am celebrating because I made it through my first winter without suffering from the blues! It’s a miracle. Or it’s crystals. You pick.

I like to clean. And like other light-workers, I like to take things to the next level. So when I clean I don’t just vacuum and wipe down the counters. I use crystals, bells, my voice, healing energy and color to get my apartment in the right shape.

Keeping your living space clean is really good for your energetic field, and your overall health.

I live in a small apartment, surrounded by others on all sides. So unless I keep the place energetically clean and protected, all of the technological pollution from the city gets into my home, and latches right onto me. Not to mention any negative or low frequency energies that emit from the people living around me.

If you live in a concentrated area like me and you feel exhausted or drained, anxious or depressed for no reason, there’s a chance that you have become vulnerable to the energies of people you have never even met. I recommend experimenting with space clearing and home protection and see if that makes a difference.

I clear my apartment once or twice a month but if my boyfriend or I experience any kind of illness I do it once a day until balance is restored. Several times a week I will burn sage or frankincense and myrrh to keep things in order.

The first thing I did when we moved in was gridded the apartment with black tourmaline and selenite. I have a piece of each above every window, but you can also put them in the corners of the rooms at the floor and at the ceiling. I recommend doing this if you live in a high-risk area.

Black tourmaline is a wonderful ally because it will neutralize lower (negative) energies. Selenite has a very pure, high vibration and brings that bright white light into any situation. Together, they are powerful protectors.

When I clear my apartment, I begin by burning sage and wafting it everywhere—bathrooms, closets, under tables, in corners. Energy can become stuck under your bed, under the couch and in corners so I pay extra attention to these areas. The sage will unclog the energy. Next I follow by ringing a bell in all of these areas to transmute any negative energy. If I feel that flow is bad, I will open a few windows. Sometimes I use my voice instead of a bell, and if I do this I always hold a selenite wand to keep me clear and pure while I work.

Next, I take a clear quartz wand (I use a laserwand) and I connect the dots of my grid by tracing the parameters of every room, first at the place where the wall meets the ceiling and then where the wall meets the floor. As I do this I am seeing, feeling and knowing that the energies of the crystals are working together to seal in love and seal out unwanted energy.

Some of my most used crystals: My black tourmaline, a small selenite wand and my quartz laserwand

Some of my most used crystals: My black tourmaline, a small selenite wand and my quartz laserwand

I close with a visualization where I infuse first the walls, then the floor, then the ceiling with a color that is protective for me. I like to use white or gold, but you should be encouraged to use what color feels right for you, and also to play around with changing the color and noticing how it makes you feel. Green is a good one to use if there is illness in the house.

When I’m finished, I affirm what has been done. You can say, “This apartment is now sealed with light and love. Only the highest, most positive energies may pass through.” Done!

If you really want to get fancy, and are attuned to some kind of healing energy, you can infuse the space with this energy, affirming that the energy you are channeling works for the highest and best good of all who come into your house.

The home is a sacred space. It is so important to me to have a safe haven away from the city buzz where the energy is consistent and right for me. I encourage you to try claiming your space in this way.

Peace and Blessings.

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10 Responses to Psychic Cleaning For Your Home

  1. Woo, this sounds really cool. Can you please come up here and arrange a grid that prevents my boyfriend from leaving his socks on the floor? I would try the sage, but he’s allergic to that sort of thing. I tried that at our old apartment, and it only resulted in a lot of window-opening and vigorous towel-flapping. I didn’t try it again.

    Oh, and also please bring me a laserwand, whatever that is. That sounds AWESOME. I need one. At the very least, our black tourmalines could have a playdate. I’m sure they would get along. 🙂

    • Kara Daly says:

      Haha! I am cracking up imagining you wafting sage over your boyfriends socks. Haha! So laserwands are single terminated quartz’ with the point being really really tiny compared to a normal one. I have a feeling you would REALLY like them….I think you can probably find them at Stones n’ Stuff in Portland! I would love to have a playdate with our black tourmalines hehe!

  2. tfaswift says:

    Lovely. I’ve only recently started working with crystals, and I really like this post. I know I need to get a wand, but there are so many, it’s confusing. Now I’m thinking the straightforward quartz laser is the way to go. I also *love* selenite and just feel it has such a beautiful soothing energy. I have it in a few sizes, but not as a wand. I wasn’t sure what a selenite wand does exactly. It was very interesting to hear how you use yours …

    • Kara Daly says:

      It can get overwhelming with all the choices and terms people use to describe crystals. Keep it simple and go with your gut! I personally always love quartz and whenever I don’t know what to use I go with that. I actually have a selenite wand as well which I really like to use in healings but it doesn’t work too differently than the naturally formed “wands” that you often see, at least in my experience. Thank you for sharing your experiences! I look forward to hearing more 🙂

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