“We must love ourselves in order to be able to to love others, but we must find ourselves by giving ourselves to them”
–Thomas Merton

Explore this truth with rose quartz, tibetan quartz, aquamarine, and ocean jasper.

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  1. How is Tibetan Quartz different from any other type of quartz, just out of curiosity? I ask since you seem to prefer it.

    • Kara Daly says:

      tibetan quartz is really cool. I use it a lot because i have a lot of it, but it is also a really reliable and loving stone to work with. Some of them are clear and almost look like herkimers and some are milky with little water pockets and pieces of hematite in them (very mellow!). Since they come from Tibet, I feel that they hold ancient wisdom and a strong connection to eastern mysticism along with the other properties of quartz. They can show us that we are capable of much more than we think, that we are actually much more loving than we think, and much more connected than we think. A lot of them are naturally double terminated and so they are VERY great for influencing a healthy flow of energy and getting stagnant energy to move. I think these guys are very important for us in the west because they do help us uncover our psychic faculties, but they keep us humble and connected to source energy while we do it.

  2. I see. Well, just add a few photos and paste that text in, and you’ve got a post on the subject! I’d love to see your collection! 🙂

    • Kara Daly says:

      haha! It’s funny because when I posted that comment I went hmmm…should I copy paste? hehe! Thanks for asking that question, I will post some photos for you in the next few days!

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