Crystal Layout for General Balancing

I just finished my first twenty-one days of integrating Reiki energy into my system. It was a really good twenty-one days. A normal day for me involves me covering myself and anyone who will let me with crystals from head to toe, but for these twenty-one days I tried to resist the overwhelming urge to pick up my stones.

I wanted to work with the reiki exclusively, so I could begin to perceive and understand it without confusing myself.

I managed to go twenty-one days without doing a crystal layout, though I was unable to avoid meditating with them (it’s just too good!) so on the last day I decided to do a balancing layout. I am so glad I did! After working with the reiki energy I feel like I was really able to appreciate what the crystals were doing, and understand how they compliment reiki.

I want to share the layout I used on myself because it is great for balancing all the chakras  and could benefit almost anyone. If you don’t have anything specific you want to work on other than to balance and harmonize, this is a layout you can use. We’ll start from the bottom up, beginning at the earth chakra.

Earth chakra (at the feet): a female/male pair of boji stones.

At each hip: one smokey quartz

Root chakra (base of spine, or above pubic bone): aragonite, double terminated tibetan quartz (DTTQ)

Sacral chakra (navel): carnelian, DTTQ

Solar plexus (above navel): citrine, DTTQ

Heart (center of breastbone): green aventurine, rose quart, DTTQ

Throat: aquamarine, azeztulite

Third eye (center of brow): amethyst, DTTQ

Crown (above head): citrine, labradorite, DTTQ

In the right hand is a double terminated elestial quartz, and in the left is a single terminated clear quartz. Any quartz will do!

Here is a terribly taken photo of the layout:


The reason for putting a double terminated quartz in between each chakra is to promote flow and connection between all chakras and along the spine.

Happy healing!

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3 Responses to Crystal Layout for General Balancing

  1. Wow, thatsa lotta quartz! Quarts of quartz! So do you need to do anything while you’re lying there with the stones on, or does it work by itself? How does it feel?

    Btw, that black tourmaline you sold me is really something else. I’ve been meditating with it a lot, and there is some profound shifting going on with that thing. Seeeriously. I think I’m in love.

    I’m not surprised, I guess, since when I first held it it felt like sticking my hand into A mixture of pop rocks and vapo-rub. Wowee-zowee! Erick the Happy Crystal Skull seems to like her too.

    Oh, and I don’t know if you noticed that she has a face. For some reason most of my major crystals do. I’ll try to post photos on my blog of her soon so you can see it. 🙂

    • Kara Daly says:

      A face? That is amazing! I am so glad you are loving it. I am in love with black tourmaline too. Please post photos. I will post one of mine too soon. I’m going to do a post about grounding, I think. I am so happy for you!

      When I do a layout I usually will try to meditate a little, which for some reason is very difficult for me lying down. Another thing I do is go through each chakra, breathing into it and visualizing it clear. Other times I just lay there and hang out. It makes me feel anchored, if that makes any sense. Like the crystals are anchoring me to myself. Sometimes I will receive images, words or feelings that are significant to my path.

      • Yes, I know what you mean. I will definitely post photos soon – I already took some. I have a quartz crystal with a distinct face too – his name is Moracle, the Miracle Monocle Oracle (because he has only one eye).

        Do you get someone else to put the stones on you, or can you manage all that yourself? I’m interested in boji stones, and did a little reading on them since I last saw you. Apparently they even come in rainbow varieties.

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