Raising Your Vibration With Forgiveness: Part Two


In part one of this article I talked about why it’s important to forgive, and what to do if you’re not ready. I talked a little about working with the heart chakra because this is the center at which we feel our emotions. To begin the process of forgiveness we will also want to work with our solar plexus chakra, located at the bottom of the breastbone, because this center influences how we act on our emotions.

There are several stones that resonate with the solar plexus but I will narrow it down to a few of my favorites. Citrine and amber are great for unhinging negativity, especially anger, from your subtle body. Citrine is especially good for bringing in positive energy and amber can be calming. Rutilated quartz is great for putting your truth into action. Smokey quartz and black tourmaline are always great to use because they can draw negativity out of you, and black tourmaline will transmute it into positive energy.

If you have a small pouch to carry around, black tourmaline, rutilated quartz and unakite would make a great combination for working with forgiveness. Or, maybe you feel drawn to working with one stone only. I have had very powerful experiences working with rose quartz alone.

There are ways you can bring forgiveness into your meditation practice. Before you do this, consider getting some essential oils. When it comes to people who have hurt or betrayed you, it can be very hard to stay calm. You don’t want your adrenaline rushing while you’re trying to meditate. You can use essential oils to create a calm space in the room by placing one or two drops on a lamp and then turning it on, or buying an oil burner and some tea lights. I like to combine lavender and cedarwood for calming and grounding.

Here are some methods you can try.

 Heart Center Meditation

Create a circle around you of rose quartz and garnet. Sit with your back straight and hold a piece of unakite in your hands. If you do not have one or any of these crystals, clear quartz can be used, just program it to represent the energies of whatever stone you don’t have.  Close your eyes and relax, taking a few deep, long breaths. Imagine the person that you want to forgive. Holding their picture in your mind’s eye, say to them (silently) “May you be at ease, may you be peaceful, may you be forgiven.” Repeat this a few times. Now bring your attention to your heart center, in the middle of your chest. Breathe into this space. Try to visualize bringing the image of the person into your heart center and hold them there for a minute. Remember to take deep breaths. End by holding a piece of smoky quartz for a few minutes.

   Give It To The Earth

The earth does a wonderful job of taking our negative and excess energy and making productive use of it. For this exercise, you will need one terminated, clear quartz point. The clearer, the better. Begin by looking into the crystal. Allow your mind to run through the situation that led to you being angry with someone as you peer in. Now, close your eyes and hold the crystal in your right hand. Imagine your anger rushing down your right arm and into the crystal. It might help you to imagine it as a red or gray color. Feel what it is like to have your anger leaving you, filling up the crystal. Now, point the crystal down towards the earth and visualize all of that energy shooting out the point deep into the earth. Continue this until you feel that all the energy has left the crystal. Say this out loud: “I surrender my resentment to the earth; it so no longer mine”. You may have to do this several times. If the energy is particularly stubborn, which anger tends to be, you may want to just bury the crystal in the earth for a day. If you do this, you won’t have to clear the crystal when you’re done because the earth will do it for you. Lovely!

  Sharing Your Altar Space

This is a really great idea that I read in one of Ram Dass’s many beautiful books. I haven’t tried it yet but I think it’s worth sharing. Print out a picture of the person you want to forgive. If you have an altar space where you meditate put the picture there. Chances are, you have a few other special things in this space that are instrumental in your spiritual process. A bible, a crystal, a picture of a guru, a feather, incense, etc. Put the picture up there with all your stuff. Keep it there until it integrates naturally with the energies of your other things, until you look at the picture with the same fondness that you do your other sacred items. Allow yourself to meditate with this picture so that you begin to see just another being, rather than the enemy.

I recommend starting small. Don’t try your first exercise out on the person with which you have the most heartache. Begin with someone that isn’t as big of a deal so you can familiarize yourself with the process of conscious forgiveness.

You deserve to feel at peace with all beings; you deserve the bliss of loving even those who have hurt you.

Peace and Blessings.


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3 Responses to Raising Your Vibration With Forgiveness: Part Two

  1. Great advice! It almost makes me wish I had someone to forgive so I could try it! I keep hearing about black tourmaline and black kyanite lately – maybe I need some. I’ll probably be in the shop tomorrow (or possibly Saturday), so maybe I’ll run into you! 🙂

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