The Transformative Powers of Moldavite / My Story


If you need a push to make a major life change, here is a combination for you: moldavite and honey calcite. Moldavite is a powerful transformer and should only be used when you’re ready stop talking about it and do it. Or at least when you’re ready to be ready, which was the case for me.

It should be noted that moldavite is very intense with a high, forceful vibration. I recommend that you meditate with it for a few minutes each day for a week or two until you get accustomed to it’s vibration before bringing it into your electromagnetic field permanently.

That being said, you should use it as much or as little as feels right to you. I knew nothing of vibrational healing or the power of crystals when I was given a wrap with moldavite and green tourmaline three years ago. I wore it around my neck everyday for several months before I found out what I was working with.

The time at which I received this gift was divine. I was in a dysfunctional relationship, smoking almost two packs a day, drinking everyday, partying too much and the worst part about it was I thought I was living a spiritually sound life. I had kindness in my heart, I understood concepts like oneness, non-judgment and consciousness but I was completely un-equipped to actualize any of it.

I knew I didn’t want to live like this but I didn’t have the strength or the insight to change. For a long time I did nothing. Then I received my moldavite wrap. At this point I had done a lot of damage. I had lost interest in all artistic activities, had almost failed in my last semester in college, and lost connection with many friends. The few months following receiving the wrap, quartz crystals started showing up in my apartment. All of a sudden people started bringing them over, and either giving them to me, trading or leaving them by accident.

Over the next year everything changed. I got of out the relationship. I stopped smoking cold turkey after being inspired by the enchanting people of Portland, Maine. What was on the verge of becoming an obsessive relationship with alcohol slowly evolved into a rare, social occurrence. I gradually lost my interest in eating processed foods, and then meat as my interest in meditation and simplicity grew. When I met my first crystal healer, it was all over. I was totally inspired.

Moldavite will push you to the next step, whether you like it or not. This, I think, is why many people have an aversion to it. In a way, you surrender your will. If you’re in a tough situation, it will steer you away from what you’re doing and towards a more spiritual solution.

Let me be clear. Moldavite didn’t change my life all on it’s own. I needed guidance and inspiration from different crystals and outside sources. Moldavite aligned me with those sources.

Another reason why some people have an aversion to moldavite is because its vibration is not grounded. There is controversy around how moldavite was formed, but it is my understanding that it is volcanic glass that formed when a meteor hit the Czech Republic. It’s vibration is very out of this world for this reason so if you are having problems settling into your incarnation on earth I would not recommend this stone, at least initially. (Click here for something I do recommend doing!)

You can use grounding stones to balance the effect of moldavite. There are many that will work but I personally love combining it with honey calcite, which grounds in a very calm way. Honey calcite also assists in taking action and manifesting. It brings confidence to your decisions and trust in yourself—all very valuable qualities to bring to moldavite’s fierce personality.

So even though it’s best to attune to a crystal before you enter into any deep work, you need to do what feels right for you. The transformation that I underwent, wearing moldavite everyday without a prerequisite, was painful, chaotic and confusing for a long time. But as it turns out, it was exactly what I needed. Anything less jolting just wouldn’t have worked.

If you ever feel like you need blessings or support on your own personal transformation, you can contact me and I will send you healing energy from where I am. I love to do this! I also offer one-on-one Crystal Consultations via Skype, more information on that here

Happy Healing.

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  1. grace says:

    Please send healing vibes.

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